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    Taiwan document projects

    The Taiwan Documents Project (TDP) contains the largest collection of documents on the Internet relating to the legal status and international relations of Taiwan.

    TDP seeks to promote a better understanding of the legal issues surrounding the Taiwan Strait Situation by providing researchers and other interested persons a comprehensive source of primary material, as well as objective analysis and commentary on related issues. TDP is a private undertaking, not connected with any other entity.

    Taiwan Documents Project was established in 1999 to provide researchers and other interested persons a comprehensive source of primary material relating to the dispute over Taiwan. The Project seeks not only to gather together the most complete collection of Taiwan-related documents available anywhere, but also to present objective, introductory analyses of legal and other issues surrounding the Taiwan Strait Situation.

    Taiwan Documents Project is a privately funded, non-partisan entity, and is not affiliated with any other organisation. Taiwan Documents Project is based in Los Angeles, United States of America.


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